This is one CDT Hiker that I’m lookint forward to be following. I am also looking farward to receiving her soon to be released PCT book.


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The Continental Divide Trail runs 2,800(ish) miles along the spine of the US, from the Mexican border in New Mexico to the Canadian border in Glacier National Park, Montana. The CDT is only partly “finished”, which means that a good chunk of the route is jeep roads and cross-country navigation. Hiking the CDT is a bit like what I imagine hiking the PCT was like in the seventies- wild, remote, arduous, not a lot of trail or infrastructure. Sections of the CDT have various “alternates”, so the trail varies in length from 2,800 to 3,100 miles, depending on how you hike it. My intention is to have the “full CDT experience,” so I’ll take the most scenic and challenging routes available to me. I also hate (paved) road walking.

The saying for the CDT is “Embrace the brutality.” I start the trail May 5. I’ll write a blog…

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