It’s Official- Triple Crown Award !

Small size, big deal

Small size, big deal

I opened the beat-up padded envelope that just came in my mailbox and was blown away to finally see this physical object in my hands.  I’m in a club of  230 individuals world wide !

The American Long Distance Hiking Association-West sent me a congratulatory letter with three statistics:

“On a single day in May 2012, more people summited Mt. Everest than have hiked the Triple Crown.

More people have circumnavigated the earth than have hiked the Triple Crown.

More people have been in space than have hiked the Triple Crown.”

Triple Crown patch

Triple Crown patch

I didn’t do it alone.

My deepest appreciation goes out to Dick Wizard,  Train, General Lee, Paddy-O, my wife Auntie Mame, my mother Isabel, my brother Roy, my son Lincoln and his fiancée Stephanie , Don Kivelus ( Four Dog Stove)  and my Trailjournal transcribers Jan Munroe (v8), and John Clark (Tenzing).  Special thanks to all the other hikers who helped me ( it’s an impossibly long list to do justice to) , my faithful Traijournal readers, and all the individuals , past and present, who worked or are working  to make our National Scenic Trails a reality that anyone can step onto and return to our ancestral purpose in the grand forests, deserts, mountains, and plains that grace the United States of America.


About Tom Jamrog

I'm sixty-seven and live in the Maine woods. I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2007, the Pacific Crest Trail in 2010, Vermont's Long Trail in 2011, the Continental Divide Trail in 2013, the Camino Portugese (2016), and Newfoundland's East Coast Trail (2017) . I am outdoors every day. I offer guided backpacking trips and classes in Maine, through "Uncle Tom's Guided Adventures".
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11 Responses to It’s Official- Triple Crown Award !

  1. Rockdawg69 says:

    Congrats UT. You the Man! I still enjoy reading all your adventures. Keep on keeping on.


  2. Chipper says:

    Extremely impressive. I have enjoyed reading and learning from your posts. Looking forward to your new adventures.


  3. Dennis says:

    Congratulations Uncle Tom – I’m proud to know you.




  4. Connie says:

    Very impressive. Thanks for sharing and thanks for your journals.


  5. Jonathan says:

    I just found your blog today, and what a time to find it. Huge accomplishment! Congratulations, sir.


  6. Tenzing says:

    Superb Accomplishment! I like the “Uncle Tom” on the plaque


  7. Fidgit says:

    You earned every single mile of it. Glad to have a way to recognize such a feat of feet.


  8. Chris McKearney says:

    Awesome! Well done!


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