Day 5 Hiking the AT in Tenn

The chance of serious thunderstorms are predicted for tomorrow, starting at 1 am tonight. I pushed out 22.5 miles today to be positioned for a 10 mile downhill run into Damascus. Even if it is raining hard, I’m heading out early. I estimate that I will be walking for 3 more hours. When I hit town, I plan to get an early shower, hit the laundromat, and eat some real food, though not necessarily in that order.
From there, everything’s open.
The hiking today was super enjoyable.

20140515-204905.jpg It was a little cooler than yesterday, and the wind cut down on the sweating.

I am camping at the Abington Gap shelter tonight. I am in one of 22 tents that are pitched around the shelter. Guthook and EZ are in the shelter. We are trying to figure out where to sleep during trail days.

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