Exercises to Strengthen Bones – NYTimes.com


Exercises to Strengthen Bones – NYTimes.com.

I’ve added three sessions of jumping into my weekly training for hiking and biking. Running works too, but I’ve had the cartilage removed from both knees, and at at around 200 pounds now, it’s a dumb option for me.   It’s easy for me to do this.  Just outside the house we have a short railroad tie retaining wall that’s a couple of feet high, with a crushed  rock landing zone below it.  It’s perfect to jump up on and then leap down from.  Ten times a session should do it.

Bicycling, walking, and apparently even weight lifting don’t help with reducing the inevitable effects of osteoporosis. Walking might work, but only if you push it.   You can’t make up for any bone loss as you age, but can prevent the rate of bone loss.   This is a topic that bears educating one’s self.

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