“Breeze”-Maine Triple Crowner, in AT magazine

In the current issue of AT Journeys ( April 2014),  Maine’s Brendan Drapeau ( aka Breeze) gets some well deserved  press coverage.  Download a PDF of the full article/with photos here  -Courtesy of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s official membership magazine A.T. Journeys  (http://www.appalachiantrail.org). The latest electronic issue is not yet available on the ATC’s website, but thanks to Wendy Probst, Editor, the article can be viewed here in its full format  (please respect that it is not to be copied , or altered in any way).  If anyone has a better solution for me to get this this to you, let me know.  As it stands, the first link above will result in  you downloading a PDF of the article (complete with photos) onto your device/computer, where it can be opened with Adobe Reader.

I briefly corresponded with Breeze before we both started our thru-hikes and was hoping to meet him on the CDT.  Breeze eventually surprised me by walking up to me at the decidedly funky Gila Hot Springs campground, just down the hill from Doc Campbell’s post.  Here’s a few pics from our rendezvous.

Mainers meet in New Mexico
Mainers meet in New Mexico


Uncle Tom and Breeze sporting their Appalachian Trail tattoos
Uncle Tom and Breeze sporting their Appalachian Trail tattoos

Breeze hiked with MeGatex for a few weeks, before he turned on the accelerator and took off.  He taught me to leave a motel room cleaner than when you entered it, a most unique practice among the normally messy stuff that Hiker trash normally walk away from after a night of copious cleaning, washing, and consumption.

Breeze and and I were both in the habit of rising at daybreak.  Breeze has a huge long stride.  He makes his mega mileages by walking early, walking all day, and then usually walking a bit later after supper.  His through hikes of both the AT and the PCT were done in a startling short number of days.








6 thoughts on ““Breeze”-Maine Triple Crowner, in AT magazine

      1. I raced through New Mexico to catch the crowd, came to a crawl in Colorado, and then we took our time to the finish line. And while I wouldn’t change a thing, I wish I had more layers for Montana! Your blog is missing one of Breeze’s best qualities, tolerating my crying in freezing rain for miles! Couldn’t have done it without him!


  1. I ran in to Breeze in 2012 on Day 3 of my Southbound hike on the PCT. Him and his 2 friends were the first NOBO’s that I met! At the time, my friend was also drying her underwear on top of her hat on top of her head – and she had forgotten that it was there. While I got a huge kick out of this and was bent over laughing about it, she was mortified which made it even funnier.


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