some things change


I rode my Diamondback Apex for the first time in over a year yesterday. It still had the repair tag on it from April 1st 2013. I had purchased it from Bath Cycle in 1986. It cost me about $800 and it was the top of the line back then, before the days of suspension forks, carbon fiber, and fat tire bikes were even imagined. Three or four years ago I rebuilt it, had it repainted as close to the original green as I could get. I use it as my road bike now, with upgraded rear hub, cassette, but with the rest kept original. I stick with old stuff, and tend to purchase few things, but my decisions let me have relationships that last.

It’s been a tough winter up here in Maine. I’ m down to my last sticks of firewood. Hard-cased snow is covering most of the fields around my house. I wrecked by VW diesel Jetta’s engine on a double frost heave in Appleton. It’s sold and I am down to driving my gas guzzling Plymouth Voyager while I wait for the snow to melt so that I can rotate my three motorcycles into my summer driving routine.

Four days ago, I took my worst fall in twenty years in my own driveway when I slipped on the lubricated ice in the rain and landed on my back full-force on the edge of a short wall of railroad ties. Thank God I didn’t land or my spine or my head. If that happened, I think I would have much more serious repercussions to this April aberration of a countryside. I took a direct hit on the side of my back, where I am now sporting a sick yellow and blue bruise. I have fallen many times before, and this time avoided triggering a nerve to add to the pain. I screamed loudly when I bounced off and landed again on the ice in front of the retaining wall. I limped back into the house where Auntie Mame guided my sorry ass to the couch where she gave me 800 mg. of ibuprofen and a laid a big bag of ice on my back.

So my ride yesterday was a celebration of sorts. It felt good to do an old familiar loop of 13 miles- with my old green pal.

I’ m blessed again to be able to say yes.

5 thoughts on “some things change

  1. Steve in Central Maine

    I still have my green 1986 Apex…purchased also in ’86 from Dave McNair when he had a bike shop in downtown Rockland. Mine now does singlespeed duty with a rear hub conversion…also has Rockshock seatpost…otherwise original. Now if I could just find a source for those U-brake brake ads…


    1. Didn’t realize my parked pads are an issue. I love the original rear shifting mechanism. It seems whisper clean. I’ll dig up a pic of me revitalized bike. Dave’s shop was the Bike Gallery. He’s riding a fat tire bike now.


  2. Rockdawg69

    What do you mean “some things change”??? The diagrams are perfect examples of normality. I am the living, breathing embodiment of such life events. Adapt, Overcome, Move On!


  3. Adapting is not so easy for some of us, especially if we are used to keep trying harder. I am opening up to the idea of being more flexible when things start to go south. It’s definitely easier on the body, too.


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