My Notes on Post Trail Depression via The New Nomads

Very interesting angle on post thru-hike depression.  I left a comment on the New Nomads website.  What do folks think?

My Notes on Post Trail Depression | The New Nomads.

About Tom Jamrog

I'm sixty-seven and live in the Maine woods. I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2007, the Pacific Crest Trail in 2010, Vermont's Long Trail in 2011, the Continental Divide Trail in 2013, the Camino Portugese (2016), and Newfoundland's East Coast Trail (2017) . I am outdoors every day. I offer guided backpacking trips and classes in Maine, through "Uncle Tom's Guided Adventures".
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One Response to My Notes on Post Trail Depression via The New Nomads

  1. 3Cats says:

    Hey Tom – Good post. Another angle is to look at what things were like before the thruhike. In 2005 I started the AT on what would have been my mother’s 81st birthday. She had died just a couple weeks before after 10 awful years of decline with Alzheimer’s. I really, really needed to get away and exercise a whole lot. I was completely worn out. Almost a month of pneumonia in January and February didn’t set me up well for the journey. The AT was just the ticket. It was made for me and I was made for it. It wasn’t easy but I never thought of quitting. When I got home to Maine I dived right in to volunteer work because I was afraid of post-trail depression. Jenny told people she had a new husband. A thruhike takes a long time, but it still happens in a context. My only advice to someone completing a thruhike is to keep moving – a lot. There’s no good reason to go from maximum exercise to loafing around, anyway. Why lose what took so much work to achieve?


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