One thought on “My Notes on Post Trail Depression via The New Nomads

  1. 3Cats

    Hey Tom – Good post. Another angle is to look at what things were like before the thruhike. In 2005 I started the AT on what would have been my mother’s 81st birthday. She had died just a couple weeks before after 10 awful years of decline with Alzheimer’s. I really, really needed to get away and exercise a whole lot. I was completely worn out. Almost a month of pneumonia in January and February didn’t set me up well for the journey. The AT was just the ticket. It was made for me and I was made for it. It wasn’t easy but I never thought of quitting. When I got home to Maine I dived right in to volunteer work because I was afraid of post-trail depression. Jenny told people she had a new husband. A thruhike takes a long time, but it still happens in a context. My only advice to someone completing a thruhike is to keep moving – a lot. There’s no good reason to go from maximum exercise to loafing around, anyway. Why lose what took so much work to achieve?


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