Day 4 Moose River Winter Walk

20140211-170138.jpgHeaded part way out today. Our relaxed breakfast featured fried Hickory Flavored Spam- for Pat and I, but neither Bad Influence nor Matt cared for any at all. I am a true fan of grilled up Spam when I am hiking. It’s a taste that ranks big time, in my book. I don’t eat Spam when I am at home, and I don’t ever eat cold Spam right out of the can. But sharing Spam roasted up over a campfire, outdoors in the forest, and interacting with those glowing coals is as good as it gets.

We were not sure about what to do about weather. BI said a Nor’easter was coming tonight, and I told him I heard it was going to happen Sunday night, and by then we’d be headed home.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get a Verizon signal, I was finally able to connected with my iPhone. My weather APP confirmed that no storm was coming at us tonight.

So we decided to head back down the river toward the car and put in for another night of camping somewhere on the eastern side of Attean Pond.

Toboggan pulling was ridiculously hard for me today. About 6″ of fresh snow had accumulated on the base since we walked here three days ago. My wooden sled acted as if all the base wax had worn off. It resisted forward motion, plus the cold wind coming right straight at us. It was about 12 degrees out. Snow was swirling, being lifted from the frozen surface. I had on ski goggles with a yellow lens, and a silk scarf covering my face. We grunted our way up , first-heading for the closest wooded island, even if it was a bit west of course. We had to get to the lee sides of islands in order to find a resting places to get out of the wind, drink hot coffee from our thermos, and for me to eat a chuck of pemmican. Two years ago, Bad Influence and experienced wind so strong here out of the west that it tipped our loaded toboggans right over.

But things work out.

20140211-170358.jpg Three sections of aim-for-the-island hopping eventually brought us into a sheltered cove behind an island where we found the sweetest winter tent site.

Matt’s supper was very interesting and quite delicious. He made papas fritas, with Santa Fe Ole Red Chili Sauce. Appetizer was goat cheese and Mary’s Crackers. For dessert we had Ben and Jerry’s frozen yogurt with hot creamed applesauce.

Even though there a cold wind blowing in the distance, we are enjoyed the stillness behind the little hill that’s shooting the southwestern wind right up into the moonlight sky above our peacefully reclining bodies tonight.

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