“We’re not lost, we are just finding our way”

Lately I have been seeking out and watching western movies. I’ve seen dozens since I have returned from my 5 month backpacking trip over the Rocky Mountains, in completing the Continental Divide trail.

I like viewing these movies because seeing the landscape brings me back when life was simpler, but often painfully interesting. No two days were the same.

On the my strongest memories, where the images seem more fresh than others, is from the bizarre stretch of landscape walking northwest in Wyoming, from Rawlins to South Pass City. It was a portion of the Oregon Trail. This was the bleakest country of the whole trip, where the highest vegetation that I walked through for days was sagebrush that might have come up to my knees. Looking for water was paramount. There wasn’t much of anything out there. It generally looked like this:

Historical ruts ( Wikipedia)
Historical ruts

Meek’s Cutoff is a movie that captures that bleakness. A retelling of a true story, the movie is set in 1840’s eastern Oregon. I found the trailer, so you can check out the vibe and see if you can handle the movie. There isn’t much dialogue , hardly ever violence, but the actual walking is exactly the same as it is today- hot, boring, and dry.

Here’s a longer, detailed review that contains spoilers.

Yes, it’s a weird movie- love to get some feedback from others about it. It’s available from Netflix, as a DVD only.

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