“No water for 80 miles” -Deets

Replaying “mind tapes” from Wyoming, on the Continental Divide Trail today- through the bleak expanse of the Great Basin. Watching an old DVD- Lonesome Dove -with Tommy Lee Jones, Ricky Schroeder, and Robert Duvall.

My Lord- what I have experienced for this past half-year is so big in my chest tonight- what the screen brings up surprised me. Here’s a pic of Train and I settin’ out, fueled with wishes, hopes, and fears.


2 thoughts on ““No water for 80 miles” -Deets

  1. One of the great miniseries. My uncle George was a prototype for McCall. Deputy sheriff, mule thief in Mexico. Cattleman. All in west Texas. Bonnie Parker (Clyde was away) and friends tied him to a tree with barbed wire.

    Great photo, Tom.


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