Pedaling around on Thanksgiving

9 AM, twenty seven degrees, and a 10 mph wind didn’t stop Andy Hazen and I from saddling up and checking out the culverts and streams around Lincolnville,  after close to 4″ of  rain fell in a 12 hours period the day before Thanksgiving .

Andy has been pouring the miles on his spiffy-new, fat-fire Trek Farley since he bought it two weeks ago.

Storm damage at Camden Hills State Park
Storm damage at Camden Hills State Park

Here’s a pic of him and the bike as we cleared a storm-heaved culvert on the Cameron’s Knob trail in Camden Hills State Park.

Two hours and 15 minutes later we arrived back on High St.  after riding 19 miles around town.

Ride route and data
Ride route and data

The ride back had us dodging a series of mini-ponds on Martin Corner Road, but we couldn’t avoid this one.  Andy rides this ( now closed) road often, and one summer’s day he even dodged a snapping turtle bobbing around in one of the perennial water traps along the way.

After we made it home, Marcia and I walked up the street to the Hazen’s where we shared a Thanksgiving meal prepared by Judi.  I carried an apple-squash soup and she a fresh apple pie.  I don’t think the ride cancelled out the complete calorie ledger for the meal, but both Andy and I felt better about hacking 1,000 calories off, as we both enjoyed the most excellent ride today.

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