Brilliance and Bullcrap from Outside magazine

I generally love reading my print subscription to Outside magazine.

There is a brilliant piece in this month’s ( Nov. 2013) issue- Survival Report- What Would Survivorman Do?   This link takes you to the first of several pieces about survival.  After the initial  2 page spread about Les Stroud, you find 5 two-page articles – 5 Near-Death Experiences from the Adventurers Who Lived.

However, the web version leaves out the best part of the series that appears to be only on the print issue– specific margin comments with little drawn in arrows from Stroud critiquing what people did correctly and how they screwed up doing the wrong thing.  I have no problem with Outside leaving that aspect out of the web version- maybe it was an inadvertent admission, or maybe Outside meant it that way so people would seek out the print version- except if you just read the web version you have no idea your are missing Stroud’s wisdom in the print version!

My other gripe with Outside is that I have subscribed to the magazine for years, so why is it necessary for me to click on the erase (X) button whenever I open up anything on the website?  I am tired of them asking me to subscribe.  Hey- Outside if anyone over there is listening, have the programmers give us subscribers a break!

And please clarify the relationship between advertisers and content!  For example- The Know or Die: Gear sidebar on the Survival Report lists ” Three light, compact tools that belong in every pack.”  Thumbs up for the recommendation on the Petzl E=headlamp and the ($.55) Bic lighter, but the $160 Benchmade Volli” doesn’t even pass the ” makes no sense test”.  Yeah- ” A full-tang fixed blade knife is tougher than any folder- and typically very heavy. Benchmade’s Volli is just 4.3 ounces and, at 4.4 inches closed, easily pocketable.”

Whoops!-  Actual survival gear websites on the Internet can sell you one of their fixed blade, Swedish-steel Mora knives for $10-$15.  Mine weighs 3.1 ounces, with sheath.  It’s lighter than the folding Volli, and can take any use or even abuse that comes it’s way.  Here’s my heavily used Mora knife:

Mora knife
Mora knife

2 thoughts on “Brilliance and Bullcrap from Outside magazine

  1. Annie Mac

    We used to issue these knives in wilderness therapy- way better than my folding knife. We could split roots for fireboards, make tools, and beat these things up day after day. Never saw one break!


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