Bubbas Ride into November

Bubbas continue to rule the Midcoast trails.
Where else would you find twelve mountain bikers saddling up on a November Sunday morning where a “wintry mix” weather report was on the radar when we went to bed last night? IMG_2332<
Even better – nonstop banter and solid comarderie weren't dampened by rain or snow today. It was sunny- but cold, and made colder by the 15 mile-per-hour wind blowing straight out of Canada some 100 miles to the north.
The trail below our tires was firm today, and generally free of the thick leaf cover that Fall brings to the Midcoast. The recent rain washed out debris and wind has blown the trail open. Mount Pleasant has serious ups, and downs, and is usually the place where we congregate on Sunday mornings.
Ian demonstrated some impressive bike handling skills when he went up and over a downed tree while climbing uphill on a mossy and wet ledge on the way to the top of Pleasant Mountain.

The group enjoyed a break on top in the sunlight, overlooking Penobscot Bay. IMG_2336

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