Hiking the Highland

Did six tiring miles with full packs with My pal Doug today. The going was slippery and slower, as we were careful not to fall in the ice, mud, and stream beds.

We started at the Mt. Pleasant parking area, which was almost a swimming pool. I took a side trail over to show Doug the summit of Mt. Pleasant, with absolutely no view at all. It was humid and the air thick with moisture. On the way there, I had images of riding the same track, and was blown away at how wet and muddy the ground was right now. As we made our way over the ups and downs we encountered ice and snow.

I forgot my map, but used Guthook’s Camden Hills Hiking Guide to track our location on the trail. Not many people know that the Highland Path is a bonus on the App.

When we were just .6 mile from Route 17 where we spotted Doug’s car the fog cleared and there was a bit of a view.

Doug is leaving next week to try and thru-hike the PCT. He’s already completed the AT. I have just three more days of “practice hiking” before I set foot on the CDT.

We hope to reunite in October, hopefully with 6,000 miles racked up in total. Sheesh!

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