Join me in the Camden Hills Wednesday night

Join me in the Camden Hills, on March 27, the anniversary of my first night of my 2007 Appalachian Trail hike, and also my birthday.

I’ve rented the Ski Shelter for the night, with 6 bunks available for any hikers or bikers who want to spend the night.

Ski Shelter
Ski Shelter

My treat. The cabin is insulated, with a wood stove, and ample dry firewood to warm the space. It’s 2.9 miles, and about an hour’s walk on the Multipurpose Trail from Lincolnville side parking lot, so even those who have to work on Thursday morning (that would be me) can work this out. Walking from the Route 1 side is even shorter miles) . A clean outhouse awaits you ( with toilet paper!) , with fresh snow melt water available from the stream nearby. Bring your own food, etc. and a headlamp or light. It’ll be dark inside without them , but the full moon should help illuminate the event.

Occupy Bald Rock Mountain !
Occupy Bald Rock Mountain !

Tenzing and I celebrated our last full moon campout in the Park in December of 2011, when we stayed on top of Bald Rock Mountain, where close to 20 people stopped by the fire to say hello.

I’ll be hiking the Camden Hills in the daytime and plan to be in the shelter  by 5 PM.

Hope to roust up some company. If you’ve never had the chance to spend the night in the shelter, this is the best deal in Camden !

13 thoughts on “Join me in the Camden Hills Wednesday night

  1. not able to physically make it but I will be there in spirit. You will know I am “there” in the middle of the night if you wake up and you hear snoring in the distance, or if somebody passes gas during the night. those are my cardinal calling cards in any lean-to……


  2. Lewis McGregor

    I was getting excited… til I realized my schedule is just too early for this one. I will think of you, as I bike to the bus along Howe hill at 5+ am. wishing you the best… it’s a great idea Tom.


  3. Rockdawg69

    Still trying to figure out how 2.9 miles from one side is shorter than 2.9 miles from the other side. LOL LOL LoL! Glad you are making progress. Keep on trucking!


  4. Grin

    I remember that morning at breakfast at the Hiker Hostel when they asked where you wanted the shuttle to take you – Springer or Amicalola Falls State Park.


  5. Grin

    I hit the wrong button 😦

    Continuing – You said Springer since Amicalola Falls was a blue blaze trail. I had read Bill Bryson’s book so Mother Nature and I went to Amicalola Falls because I was curious what it woulg be like. I wonder how my hike would have been different if I had hiked with you from the start. Instead I met Forrest and Spaceman that first night and hiked with them. I’m taking your advice on Saturday and starting from Springer as I head north a second time (for a month or so).

    Enjoy the CDT.


  6. Going in today, despite the snow and rain. I will understand if no one shows up at the shelter, but I have this moth-to-a-flame thing with adversity. I see a crappy weather day as a unique and fortuitous opportunity to familiarize myself with the real world of backpacking, not the magazine page of s’mores and stunner sunsets.


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