Following the Otter

Surprised my self on the third week anniversary of my surgery. I walked with Frank again today to the summit of Battie and back.

20130309-041454.jpgI thought I was plodding, and panicked a bit, thinking I’d lost all my training base. Thanks to Strava, I see that I kept up a 2.9 MPH pace, over a steep steady grade.

20130309-043107.jpg Our spirits were lifted by the blue sky and the ocean views on our descent.

Our conversation was absorbing. I shared with Frank some if the stories that moved me recently. Like the story of the Ojibuay, and their migration from the Eastern North American seaside to the Great Lakes via the St. Laurence River. Lake Superior is significant to the tribe because the Ojibway believe their ancestors migrated there from the east coast of No. America and it was their final stopping place after 500 years of migration following the dream of the prophet of a shaman to move or be destroyed.
Teachings about Ojibway history are passed down orally. Birch bark scrolls were used to write down things using pictographic writing (a mneumonic or memory device using pictures and symbols rather than a phonetic writing system). They were initially guided by an otter.


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