Class list filled- Multifuel backpacking Stove, but…..

I don’t mind taking a few more people if folks still want to come down and build your stove. It’s going to be fun.  I have extra materials I can use, I’ll contact Adult Ed on Monday to let them know.  Worst case–> just contact me and then show up.  I don’t want big surprises.

One-night double wall, downdraft stove building workshop in Camden, Maine on October 16.

Here is a picture of what the stove will look like:

Further details about the stove
itself are in this updated blog post from 2012.

  The evening will include an  introductory talk about some of the science and history of these stoves, which address the question of getting the most efficiency out of the unit.  This is a true multi-fuel stove,  suitable for also burning denatured alcohol and solid fuel tablets when wood is not available or is wet.  Because of the hands- on nature of the class it will be limited to 8 people.  Sign up!

Online registration here.

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