why this Customer declined Mountain Hardware’s Pro Deal

I have superb black shell Mountain Hardware Ventigators (gaiters) that I have become most fond of, but that are now a disappointment.
I have used the gaiters, off and on, since I purchased them Virginia when thru hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2007. Maybe I should not be complaining?

I have no problem with the gaiters. I especially like them because they have a zip away meshed ventilating quarter panel that is excellent for dumping heat in the warm weather. They have held up very well, no tears, no fraying.

Fabric holding up well
Fabric holding up well
However, the waterproof coating is now peeling off the inside of the gaiters in sheets . Out of the clothes washer after a recent hike, I saw that hunks of the coating are now jamming up the Velcro on the front closure. From the outside, the gaiters look new. I sent the following picture to Customer Service at Mountain Hardware:IMG_1194
As instructed, I sent them in after I receiving email instructions and an RA number.
The call I received back after a week or so was disappointing, right from the start.
First, I the representative said that the product code informed him that I had the gaiters since 2002. I corrected him with the 2007 date. It didn’t make any difference.
The fellow held firm that my problem was wear and tear -no defect.
But I could tell he was proud to come back at me with a Pro Deal. Go on the website, select a new gaiter, and purchase it for half price. Sounded good to me.
Unfortunately, Mountain Hardware discontinued the Ventigaiter. They have are 6 models, three beefier unvented, solid mountaineering gaiters that are overkill, and some shorter ones that don’t cut it with me. We discussed me keeping my gaiters and recoating them with a couple of products that he recommended. I also spray them with permethrin, a month long tic repellent treatment. I like the fabric to come up just below my knee. When I walk through grasses and brush, I get far fewer tics than do my hiking partners. I believe that I’ve escaped Lyme disease by wearing my treated tall gaiters.

I wanted to choose a pair for half price, with the Pro Deal.
I changed my mind when i was told that I could not both get Pro Deal gaiters and also have my old ones sent back to me. PIck one or the other.

I’m spoiled by impeccable customer service. Patagonia honored their warranty of my Super Pluma rain jacket due to delamination in the forearms after 4 years. I’m done with these Mountain Hardware guys.

Lest the reader thinks I am a malcontent, who relishes the habit of trashing companies for poor customer services, I have experienced nothing but superb satisfaction from the following companies that have dealt with me and my gear problems, and want to give a LOUD shout out to: Leki, Tarptent, Patagonia, Steripen, ULA Equipment, Darn Tough (socks), Princeton (headlamps), Cascade Designs (Thermrest), and Ibex (wool) clothing.

3 thoughts on “why this Customer declined Mountain Hardware’s Pro Deal

  1. mike

    I have to second the shout out to Cascade Designs for an MSR issue. I broke a Whisperlite fuel pump while winter camping. That style pump was no longer made but could be repaired. I sent it back and they repaired it and returned it for at no cost. Awesome to deal with!



    1. I have had minor problems with some of the hardware on my MSR Axis snowshoes, however the Customer Service is faultless. They only need digitalphotos, don’t care about purchase dates,and even called me back to make sure they sent me the right parts, for free. The way I use my gear EVERTHING breaks, so it is probably more important to me that Customer service is there for me when I call them from the trail.


  2. thegoodword

    I had a jacket that literally leaked water through MH’s proprietary coating. I sent it in at the advice of the Mountain Hardwear customer service representative. I got a call a few weeks later noting that they found a defect in the coating and that I could buy a new jacket at 50% off. I let them know that I shelled out big bucks for the jacket the first time around and that I just wanted a replacement (even if it was an old jacket) or repair. They could not repair it, nor did they have any old stock to replace it with, so I would have to buy one. Selling an already expensive jacket at 50% is not the “full lifetime warranty” they tout. Buy Patagonia or North Face (who will repair the product) but avoid Mountain Hardwear.


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