Talk About Ice and Trees

No snow when we arrived here, but what a conflagration of ice on the Ducktrap River this weekend in Lincolnville.

Ice Jammin'
Ice Jammin’

My men’s group took a 3.5 mile walk along Tanglewood’s Ducktrap River today where we saw ice like you wouldn’t believe.

20130202-204802.jpg Not very far below the newly replaced snowmobile bridge, there are ice floes stacked upon ice, with one ice sinkhole that is actually draining the river.
We walked down the river as far as Turner Falls, a couple of ledge drops. Here’s a picture standing above the Falls, spilling a force of water downward toward the sea:

Panorama of Turner Falls
Panorama of Turner Falls

On the way back, we talked about volunteering to rebuild a former dilapidated lean-to near the River Trail.
Then we found a single Red Pine. Closely viewing, and talking about trees took up much of Hank’s and my conversation. We were noting wilderness landscaping details that we have been studying in Reading the Forested Landscape. Here’s an excellent example of three trees growing on a hummock, perched above the high water table: IMG_1300
After supper, Dave, Pat, and I walked back to the river to sway on the bridge, and stare at the visually alluring ice patterns swirling below distorted headlamp lights.
Very enjoyable day, with great food and real stories from men that have seriously entertaining tales to tell.
My Personal Board of Advisors
My Personal Board of Advisors

3 thoughts on “Talk About Ice and Trees

  1. UT, this is a tease. What if a guy is far far away from the ancient tribal campfire and wants to hear those stories?

    I canunderstand the shamanistic imperative to exclude the womenfolk from the source of a man’s power, lest it be diluted. Purity of Essence and all that. But – can you give us more generic examples, perhaps a peek, as to the kinds of things that are revealed?

    Inquiring minds want to know.


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