What it’s like to hike the Continental Divide Trail

See for yourself. Check out the following 2 hour and 28 minute documentary from Simon Cook, trail name- Cookie. He describes himself as a designer, illustrator, and occasional adventurer. It’s no nonsense, no in-town footage, no dumb stuff. I like the way the sections of trail are broken down into mileages, wih accompanying dates of travel.

Continental Divide Trail – 2 Hour Version from Simon Cook on Vimeo.

I enjoyed the video for a second time last night. I took quick notes ( thank you, pause button) and then spent a couple of more hours with Yogi’s CDT Planning Guide . I have come up with a tentative list of eight food/supplies/batteries packages to send to myself along the 3,000 CDT.

Genuine homework
Genuine homework

Those eight boxes will hold 40 days worth of food, at an average of two pounds per day. That leaves 110 days of meals and supplies that I’ll obtain by walking off the CDT and then hitching or walking into varying levels of resupply options, ranging from full-blown emporiums like a large supermarket in larger towns to gas station/convenience stores with you know what ( candy, chips, pastries, Slim Jims, canned food) to fill up the backpack and the stomach.

Coming up on the 2013 CDT Action Plan is putting together a Mountainhouse Foods order for those 40 days worth of meals.

4 thoughts on “What it’s like to hike the Continental Divide Trail

    1. Philip, Not to worry. I am getting it comped by my primary sponsor, Four Dog Stove. I actually like four of the pro-Pac selections. I had this same deal on the PCT. I am a huge fan of Four Dog’s Bushcooker LT-1 multi-fuel stove. I just saw you are assisting Andrew Skurka. Gotta be satisfying!

      Uncle Tom. Sent from my iPhone


      1. Andrew hired me last year to help with his White Mountain trips and we get along well. Kind of amazing for him to ask me since I’m not a celebrity long distance hiker like you. 🙂 Awesome about the Four Dog sponsorship – that must help big time. Do you get 3 meals a day from mountain house or mix and match with town resupplies? I saw somewhere that you don’t use bounce boxes.


      2. Yes, no bounce boxes needed. I buy dinners, maybe some lunch mixes this time. I like the efficiency and also the stuff tastes good. I ‘ve also tried some Mountainhouse meals that don’t taste so good.

        Tom Jamrog Sent from my iPhone


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