Big Bunch of Bubbas on Snowshoes

The Bubbas are feeding the mountain biking spirit right up to the doorstep of 2013.

Packing the trail
Packing the trail- photo by John Anders
Eight of us pounded down one of our riding loops over in the Rockland Bog this morning, donning snowshoes after the Midcoast region was blanketed with what must have been a foot of snow. We’re doing this in part to prepare the Bog for more winter mountain bike riding, hopefully with New Year’s day ride. This work will need to set up for a day of two, when the sub freezing temperatures will harden up the track. It’s what we are know for in these parts, riding through ALL the seasons.
Here’s the map of the hike. We’re going counterclockwise from the “S”.
Bog map
Bog map
We parked on the side of Bog Road, across from the white house on the left then went backwards 50 feet from the cars on our usual exit route. We saw no evidence of anyone else but the deer out before us, with Jason Buck breaking trail for the majority of the distance. We wound our way along old woods roads up to The Culvert, where we picked up the George’s Highland Path (GHP) and followed it uphill all the way back to the Big Pine tree, where Ian and Suzy, Walter, and John A. took Exit Ramp back to the cars.
Rick on last uphill  on Two Arrows
Rick on last uphill on Two Arrows
Nelson, Rick, Jason and I kept at it, on the GHP back down to loop back on Two Arrows and then doubling back to to Exit ramp and out.
Jason and Nelson crossing the powerline on GHP
Jason and Nelson crossing the powerline on GHP

The map and the descriptions of the trail should make it possible for any other bicyclists, snowshoeing enthusiasts, or even walkers to get out and follow our tracks, at least until the next big snow storm fluffs things up again.

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