Armchair adventures- 50 great documentaries

It’s mostly dark, wet, and the ground is unfrozen up here in Maine.  Time to watch more adventure videos.  Thanks to Hiking the Trail for 50 recommendations of videos/documentaries.  Here’s the first round.  There are  40 more to check out on the website.    Armchair-1-10

Armchair adventures 50 great documentaries 1 – 10 | Hiking The Trail.

3 thoughts on “Armchair adventures- 50 great documentaries

  1. I’ve seen 5 of these. Ride the Divide is superb- charts the Tour Divide “race”, the longest unsupported time trail in the world. The AT is by National Geographic- has incredible aerial action shots of the AT. Dust to Glory is all out off road vehicle mahem in the Baja. The Long Way Around is off-road, money-is no-object, rich movie stars on BMW motorcycle adventuring (Mongolia is the best part). The Alaska Experiment was on Discovery Channel a couple years ago (I tried to be picked to be in the show and and even passed two of three cuts ( watching the show I’m relieved to have stayed home.). The Iditarod is on Netflix streaming.


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