Movie recommendation: Dersu Uzala

There are video foot-powered adventures, like The Hobbit, that use modern elements and technology to thrill and satisfy fans.

This movie is old (1975) , slow-school, and yet superb-  it has intrigue, natural scenery, life and death encounters with the elements, and a hell of a lot of heart. It’s not available to stream from Netflix, but do what you can to track down a DVD copy and enjoy it.

Netflix: Dersu Uzala.

140 minutes
A party of Russian soldiers hires aged hunter Dersu Uzala (Maksim Munzuk) to guide them on a surveying expedition through Siberia in the early 20th century. Uzala leads the group through life-threatening conditions with reverence and concern for his surroundings. Based on true memoirs, Akira Kurosawa’s Academy Award-winning production is a testament to the value of lasting friendship, loyalty and mutual respect.

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