Fatbike Conquers the South Pole ?

In two days, Eric Larsen throws a leg over a stock Surly Moonlander and starts his 750 mile solo ride to the South pole. A good introduction to the expedition was posted online on Nov. 9
at Outside magazine’s website.  Here’s a video clip that conveys the enormity of the task, on a good day.

Larsen is well suited to this particular task. He’s proved it can be done. His previous claims to fame include reaching the North and South Poles and the summit of Everest in one calendar year. I think he’s going to battle cold feet.
Larsen is going alone. He’ll stay in touch using a DeLorme beacon and Iridium satellite phone to tweet, post Facebook messages, and provide online updates. You can follow him on EricLarsenExplore.com, @ELExplore on Twitter, and on Facebook.

One thought on “Fatbike Conquers the South Pole ?

  1. U.T. –

    I recall getting into the truck on many awinter’s morning in Maine. In Norridgewock I was in the habit of warming it up first when I had the time. At a certain temp below zero, the springs on the seat would become frozen.

    Which begs the question.

    Does this bike have some sort of seat warmer? I mean, there are all kinds of adaptations you can make but – sitting on a seat that is -80 cold would be a bit chilly


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