Why Leki trekking poles rule the market

Way back in 2007 I purchased a pair of Leki Makalu aluminum anti-shock poles after I encountered treacherous ice, steeply descending into The Nantahala Outdoor Center in North Carolina on what turned out to be a successful Appalachian Trail thru-hike.
Since my purchase I’ve used these poles on 6,000 miles of backpacking trails.
They’ve saved me from falling hundreds of times, helped power me up climbs, and secured my safety while crossing hundreds of streams.

Unfortunately, I still fall, and have broken the poles 5 times. Replacement has never been a problem. I carry at least two bandannas with me when I hike. One was a freebee from Leki, which has a raft of imprinted information about how the poles work, along with a toll-free number for customer service.
Each time I call, I am able to speak to a friendly service person, who assists me in determining my exact needs. They make many models. I’ve never been grilled about any of my requests for new pole sections. They have shipped immediately, at no charge.
After five years, the poles had a catastrophic breakage that I felt was my fault, and called them again. This time I asked to purchase two replacement sections, but was requested to send both poles in for service and review.
Yesterday, my poles were returned to me. They could not be repaired. My old friends were cooked!
However, There was more something else in the box, wrapped up in paper. A brand new set of Leki Khumbu antishock poles, Superstrong series, with the new Speedlock adjusting system!



[NOTE: Leki has a lifetime breakage warranty on their aluminum line . The carbon fiber pole breakage is limited to one year breakage replacement. ]

5 thoughts on “Why Leki trekking poles rule the market

  1. Rockdawg69

    Amen on those Leki poles. My butt has been saved numerous times.
    Waited until I got to Gatlinburg before I caved and bought my set. Must have been right behind or ahead of you in ’07. I remember we were off the trail for 3 days due to the Easter snow storm in the Smokies.


  2. Clarkie

    thanks to your counsel, I too have had nothing but marvelous treatment from Leki and have twice been promptly shipped free repair parts. Tenzing


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