Sunday Morning at Bubba Church

Five members of the Bubbas in the Woods met, as usual on a Sunday morning, to ride Mt. Pleasant, a 1,027 foot summit that overlooks Penobscot Bay.  As usual , we saw no one out there hiking , biking, four-wheeling, or truck-mudding it up over the ledges, mud pits, and trail up to summit and beyond. Here’s the profile of the 7 mile ride.

Profile of Mt. Pleasant ride

This trail suggests that one be in shape, as it starts out on a fairly level access road that quickly starts to go up some 2.5 miles, where it switches to gravel, at best. Sections of this trail are even frequented by four-wheeled-drive trucks that really churn up the path and create washed-out sections that are a perennial challenge to clear.

Up close to the summit, there is an option to try and power your way up a particularly challenging section of ledge that is  wet, lichen covered, and also something that I have not yet personally mastered.  It was no problem for Rigger today.

Rigger makes it, again

The summit is always rewarding, although it is often windy and cold up there. Today it was not too bad to add a  jacket, sit for a while, eat a bar, and check out the terrain and features below.

Taking a break, taking it in

I’m loving the new panorama option of my iPhone’s OS 6 free upgrade.  Soon there will be snow and ice on this particular trail that will make this view just a memory.

Sunday morning in Maine

Here’s a video clip of Neal descending Mt. Pleasant.  Neil is known for his rapid, full-speed descents on his Turner.  From this point of the ride, there’s a mile of downhill on the way back to the cars.  Nice way to end this ride.

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