Where to ride mountain bikes during hunting season in Midcoast Maine?

How about Camden Hills State Park?

We’ve been spared the ravages of Hurricane Sandy here in midcoast Maine, but I haven’t been willing to ride since Sunday in the off and on rain and wind.  In addition, deer hunting season runs for a month right now, with hunting allowed from dawn to dusk 6 days of the week. There are a LOT of hunters roaming the woods right now, some hidden in tree stands as well.  People get shot every year for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Enough said.

The internet is a wonderful thing.  I need to ride, and put up a request to find some riding buddies this afternoon on the “Bubbas in the Woods”  Facebook page where I got a bite from John Anders.  He suggested we ride at 4 PM in the Camden Hills. I was there, but forgot to pack my lights.  John had an extra set he loaned me.

So, is Camden Hills a safe place to ride a bike in the woods in November?

A check on the laws revealed that hunting is not permitted at any time at any State Historic Sites or Memorials, as well as the following State Parks: Andrews Beach State Park; that portion of Bradbury Mountain State Park west of State Route 9; Cobscook Bay State Park: Crescent Beach and Kettle Cove State Parks; Damariscotta Lake State Park; Ferry Beach State Park; Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park; Nickerson Lake State Park; Owls Head Light State Park; that portion of Quoddy Head State Park within 1,000 feet of the lighthouse; Reid State Park; Sebago Lake State Park; Shackford Head State Park; Two Lights State Park; and Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park.

Hunting is not permitted between May 1 and September 30 at Camden Hills State Park, where “discharging of any weapon is prohibited from or within 300 feet of any picnic area, camping area or campsite, parking area, building, shelter, boat launch site, posted trail or other developed area.”

That’s it.  So you could actually encounter legal hunters in the Park in November.  We didn’t see any hunters on this Friday afternoon, nor did we see any hikers, staff, or even any other cars in the Stevens’ Corner parking lot.  We still wore bright clothing, and were often talking loud and whooping like hell on the ride.

Here’s a YouTube clip of me and John riding our fat tire bikes right now in Maine. I had no idea he was putting this together, and I like his music selection. Take a break to watch us have a superb time on our Pugsleys. And crank up the volume !

I’ve also included a map of the ride:

Parked at the top, turned around on the bottom

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