“Rush of adrenaline at Camden Snow Bowl”

One local trail was featured in the statewide Portland Press Herald this week.  Since the 3″ deluge two weeks ago, and Hurricane Sandy today, I thought I’d post an update about local mountain biking conditions, but first read the article :

Rush of adrenaline at Camden Snow Bowl | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram.

First off, it’s not going to look like this anymore- the leaves have been blasted off all the trees.  Second,  local trail building advocate and tireless mountain biking enthusiast is John ( not Jeff) Anders.  And yes, the chairlift won’t be taking riders to the top anymore this season, as the facility switches over to preparation for winter skiing.  You can get up there, for sure, but you have to ride ( or push) your bike up 800 vertical feet and a mile of trail or hike straight up the T-bar run to get to the top.  It’s real work to get up there.

It also should be noted that this new down hill trail  ( officially named as Dreadnought) is probably closed right now, due to the combined effects of a 3″ rainfall last week and the effects of Hurricane sandy that is running through there as I write this entry.  Here is a photo from Oct. 26

Insipid effects of flowing water

It’s clear from the follow up Facebook comments on the New England Mountain Bike Assn, Midcoast Maine (McNEMBA) pages that there will have to be serious drainage work done come spring on Dreadnought, but for the time being, there’s plenty of trail to like at the Snow Bowl.

Here’s a link to the map, for first time visitors.

The good news is that there are viable biking and hiking trails all over the Snow Bowl right now, although you are advised to wear hunter orange clothing, as hunting is still allowed on parts of the trail system. I rode there this past week. The alternate trail from the top that is depicted in the lead photo is surprisingly solid, the link trail over to Five Bridges is still swoopy, and the Five Bridges was so well built ( John Anders and co.) that any mud out there is minimal.

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