Hiking in the Dark

From time to time I report content from other sites that support the direction of my own blog.

Section Hiker is one of those places where good ideas (and sometimes good deals, and give-aways) are the standard. I recently bought a very little used, and much lighter ice axe from the author, Philip.

While I haven’t yet done any night hiking this season, the days are starting to get shorter and it is good to know that it can be done safely, while enjoying the relative solitude of the night world. I am planning a night ride on my bike this evening, and have two lights that are fully charged and ready to go.

Check out the basics here.


3 thoughts on “Hiking in the Dark

  1. Rockdawg69

    Uncle Tom,

    Hurry up with the riding/hiking. Time to hunker down on Sunday/Monday. Another woman (Sandy) is headed your way. Hope she treats you folks gently.

    As a side note, looks like I’ll be getting out of retirement next month and going back to work for the Army for a year. Or until the money runs out after the Jan 1st pending debacle.


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