Sunday Morning at the Church of Two Wheels

Most Sunday mornings find me connecting my soul to the expansive universe – on a bicycle. Today saw the last of the peak foliage here in coastal Maine, and what better a day to view the finality of color than by climbing 800′ (in one mile)  to the top of Ragged Mountain with a pack of Bubbas to see the sights.

Going, going, soon to be gone!

I’ve not yet been able to piece together an actual ride to the top- at most I have been able to ride just a third of the trail to the top.  It doesn’t matter, I get there-  and most of the time I’m faster walking up there than most of the riders.

I did a lot of hiking this Fall- by backpacking and enjoyed several trips to Baxter State Park and the Appalachian Trail in the past two months.  Right now, it’s so much fun to bike.

We had two inches of rain on Saturday, and there is this new downhill trail that was built here this summer, but a couple of sections will be filled with water today , so we decided to choose the traditional descent which turned out to be surprisingly solid, with no mud pits at all.

There’s treachery around every turn, as Chris found out today when he found his face planted upon a rock that threw him off his Rocky Mountain 29er.  It happens.  I am sure to wear elbow and knee protection when I ride Ragged.  Most days, they earn their cost.

Chris coming back around

I hope to get in two more rides this week, on Tuesday and Thursday.  It’s going to be cold and snowy soon, and attendance at the Church will be under different conditions.  But today was superb

  Here’s a shot of Nate and Rigger, as we regroup for the descent.

The Cathedral

The Ragged Mountain Trails delivered once again. It’s going to be a great week!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning at the Church of Two Wheels

  1. Loved this. Thje photo of the red maple leaf, was spectacular!

    I have done a lot of outdoorsy stuff but mountain biking is not for me. I thought the caption “Chris Coming Back Around” was a masterful understatement, and in that sense it’s funny, but the potential injury in thrill seeking is no longer for me.

    Here in Hawaii I took a friend to Waimea Bay on the north shore yesterday. There is this cliff the kids jump of and she wanted to. (She ultimately did). But I could recall severely spraining my ankle there six years ago. And later I did the inventory as to what exactly I have sprained or broken. R ankle/knee/hip; both shoulders; L elbow; R thumb; and each leaves a residual.

    Glad you wear pads!


      1. oh< make no mistake: I agree with that. that's why I vbought the second bike here after the first one was stolen. and it's also why I am bufgeting money to buy a thrid now that the second one was pinched.


        And I try to generally ride on the flats…….


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