Day 3 at Baxter State Park- Green Falls

We’ve got the bunkhouse for one more night. Today Marcia and I hiked 6.4 miles round trip out the Wassataquoik Lake Trail, linking the Russell Pond area to the western parts of Baxter Park.

20121013-073616.jpg My 1985 Katahdin guidebook describes Wassataquoik Lake as “perhaps the most outstanding body of water in or around the Park”. Although small ( 1 1/2 x 3/4 mi.) it’s crystal clear water, gravel beaches, and surrounding tall peaks have no peer in the park. ”
On the western side of the Lake, we reached our destination of Green Falls, a superb cascading falls coming out of a deep cleft above.

20121013-073953.jpgWe ate our lunch and then headed back. I remember being here before, when the trail followed the western shoreline all the to the Falls. The reroute of the trail obscures the constant scenery show that used to accompany the shore scramble. Now, there are only occasional partially obscured glimpses of South Pogy Mountain behind the Lake. If you do this trip, stick to the shore for the views. You will find Green Falls marked by an entrance tagged with a blue blaze.
We took our Crocs with us on this hike, where drinking water was no problem, and the Crocs were not needed. The were several water crossings including one beaver dam.

The 6.4 mile hike ended up growing to 8.6 miles after we headed the wrong way out of the campground and later added extra tenths of a mile accessing the spring behind the Ranger Station. Who cares? We successfully dodged the rain today. It was supposed to rain tonight, with a 70% chance and a temp drop into the 30’s.
Could make for an interesting exit tomorrow.

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