Day 1 at Baxter State Park- Roaring Brook Campground

It’s perfect here right now.  7:20 PM . It’s just Marcia and I sitting inside the dark of the forested night as we reheat our suppers on our trusty Coleman gas stove.

It’s Roaring Freaking Brook and so much a piece of history and power.  I’m amazed that for our combined price of 22 bucks, we’re established  in hiker heaven!
Of course there are minor drawbacks, like us forgetting dressing packets for the Greek salads we picked up at the Milllinocket Hannaford’s.  Dry salad turns tasty when you are hungry and are camping.  We are reheating  two freshly prepared meals from the same store.  I had pork loin and Marcia had salmon, both with two sides. We felt like we made the best choice for supper, better than going to a restaurant, or cooking over a fire tonight.
Sometime around 8:30 PM our insular party was over, when 6 guys rolled in from Moncton,  New Brunswick-  workers at a diaper factory.  Talk about job security!

the diaper boys light up our lives

The Miller Lights started poppin’ and I feared for the worst, but they were a friendly, talkative, and decent bunch of fellows, who all piled into one of the two hiker rooms here stacked like sardines three high.  Through it all, Auntie Mame maintained focus on documenting her adventure.

Cold, hard analysis

Note actual bacon cookies.

It’s supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow morning when we and our friends Pat and Martha pack out and head north, up 7 miles or so to Russell Pond bunkhouse for two nights.

2 thoughts on “Day 1 at Baxter State Park- Roaring Brook Campground

  1. Pat Hurley

    What a weekend ,really enjoyed camping with the Jamrogs and my sweetie Martha. spotted a 5inch Spotted salamader on the way into Russel pond and then some how the same guy shows up on the way out. Very large moose sitting next to the rangers office as we sat off shore in the canoe just marveling at this huge animal .


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