“Fatbiking the Arctic” Kickstarter Project in Grave (Peril) ?

Feb. 2012 Kickstarter promotion

My funding of this Kickstarter adventure appears to be generating serious regrets.  Here’s that Kickstarter pitch, the most impressive one I’ve yet seen. Watch the 6 minute video- It has a convincing feel to it.

Outside Magazine ran an initial article in February about Badenoch’s proposed expedition that no doubt fueled interest in this adventure.

In February 2012 I funded the Kickstarter project and today just got my first and only response to my Tweets to Andrew Badenoch asking him about what the heck is going on. This is what I just received from him (Oct. 5, 2012): “i’ll explain the details later, but i still don’t have full comm capabilities. the sat phone broke, so it’s worse in some ways.”

I tweeting back with a recommendation to think about purchasing a Spot locator device and service.  In fact, the use of the Spot enabled me to follow a similar expedition this spring on a DAILY basis.  Check out Adam Bradly’s completed expedition, where he rode his bicycle from Reno to Skagway Alaska,  backpacked up the Chilkoot Trail to the headwaters of the Yukon River, and then paddled a canoe to its end in the Bering Sea. We don’t have Badenoch’s story but Bradley’s BLC to Bering Sea is compelling, and another one-man production of staggering logistics that he pulled off superbly.

Just before he left, Badenoch posted that Public Broadcasting Service would be involved in running either updates or clips of the completed trip. I subscribed to his YouTube page, as he instructed, to get more info about that aspect of the production, but his channel still contains nothing more than his initial Kickstarter  funding pitch.

Just yesterday ( Oct. 4, 2011) Outside Magazine ran what was, in effect, an obituary for the project, which appears to have halted in the town of Pink Mountain, somewhere near the southern terminus of the Alaska Highway. Fatbike Expedition Comes to a Quiet Halt. Outside confirms that Badenoch had spent several weeks at a motel there, departing south in mid-August. I have funded what were several successful Kickstarter projects, all of them posting occasional updates to the backers.  The updates are part of the tools supplied to all Kickstarter projects to make them the excellent packages that they are. To date, there have been NO UPDATES ( yes, I know I’m shouting here) from this Project.

Damn, I was hoping Badenboch would  come up with something for us.

I own a Puglsey fatbike, and take extended adventures of my own. I sure didn’t think it would come to this. I’ll post further details as they emerge.

Sad, don’t  you think ?

One thought on ““Fatbiking the Arctic” Kickstarter Project in Grave (Peril) ?

  1. Kevin Weir

    That’s not what P T Barnum called it. If there wasn’t optimism great adventures would not happen but the bottom feeders also trust in human nature.


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