Big Views from Bald Mountain

I walk alone a lot.  I enjoy getting calls from anyone to ” take a hike’ with them, and generally will do so.  The hike today was one of the greatest.  I hiked with my youngest son, Arlo, his girlfriend Alanna, and our dog, Jody.  It is a superb hike, taking a bit over an hour,  and is totally able to echo any of the most appreciated sections on the fabled Appalachain Trail in Maine.  It is also just a 10 minute drive from our house.

Up to Bald Mountain

Here is Alanna adding to her Maine photo album. She’s an excellent photographer who works hard when she has her camera, and here she is, setting up another great pic. See the little dog?Ledges overlooking Penobscot Bay

When we got to the top, I tried out the panorama option of my iPhone 4s’ iOS 6  software upgrade.  Unbelievable!  That’s the great big Atlantic out there.  You can get up to 240 degrees of picture if you scan the camera faster than I did.

So much to take in

Here is a graphic of our hike today, courtesy of the most excellent App named Strava!

Bald Mountain

In a few days my wife Marcia and I will celebrate Arlo’s birthday, and then take a long weekend together up at Baxter State park, here we’ll be hiking into Russell Pond, a campsite that is only accessed by a 7 mile hike. The foliage will be at peak levels of color, the moose should be around, and we’ll no doubt reminisce about all the fun we had taking backpacking trips with Arlo and his older brother Lincoln before they grew up and hit the Big Trail in their own way.

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