Packed Up- Where To ?

I’ve just rolled into my room at the Stratton Motel- packed up and ready to go bright and early tomorrow.

20120919-211615.jpg I love this ramshackle place. It’s after the fishing, before the hunting, before the snowmobiling season- it’s hiker time. This time of year there are hikers filling it up. This place has a Hiker Hostel in the front, and five private rooms out back. The Appalachain trail crosses some 7 miles down the road.

I have one goal in mind for this trip- to hike up to the top of Mt. Redington, the last of the “4,000 footers” in Maine that I have to reach to complete that list. Redington also has the distinction of being one of two 4,000 foot peaks in New England without an official trail to the top. The AT skips over Redington, hitting Saddleback and the Horn then heading east to hit Sugarloaf before swinging back to the west to go over South Crocker.

This hike is not recommended without a GPS or an experienced friend who knows the way up. There are five different forks in the trail that must be navigated on the way to the summit.

I am not sure my Plymouth Voyager can handle the poorly maintained access roads, and if it can’t, I’ll walk 5 more miles.
I could also reach in as a detour on a S–>;;;;;N traverse of the AT from Route 4 to Route 27, or even backtrack
a mile from South Crocker and get it that way.

I’ve got three days of food in my pack. We’ll see what unfolds.
The unfolding began when I pulled out of Madison and saw the froth of a raging river racing beside the highway. I immediately registered gnawing dread in the pit of my stomach as all the water all the rest of the way to the motel was as high as you can imagine before it starts flooding.

So my original plan of hiking the AT from Route 4 to Route 27 is scratched due to the impassible crossing of the Carabassett River. Sue, the owner here, verified that she had just tried to drop off hikers at that point and after they heard the roar of the river, and then walked over to see it, they walked right back to the SUV and said, “Let’s get out of here.”
So, I’ll try hitting Mt. Redington from this opposite side tomorrow.

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