Top 5 Maine hikes

From the View From the Top list, forwarded by Clarkie:
Tomcat’s top 5 Maine hikes.

1. Katahdin Loop from Roaring Brook-over Knife Edge-down Hamlin Ridge

Knife Edge Ahead

The Knife Edge goes without saying. Long periods of alpine scenery unlike anything else in the east with very few people taking the Hamlin Ridge. 11-13 miles depending on route to beginning of Knife Edge

2. Acadia Traverse Starting with a Precipice climb over Dorr, Cadillac, Pemetic, Bubbles, Penobscot, Sargent, Bald, Gilmore, and Parkman. Exact route can vary slightly. Views of the ocean from every peak imbedded in the mountains of Acadia. They aren’t that tall but after this 14+ miles you will ache like most 14 milers anywhere else in NE. The continuous up and down is worse than any 4000 footer. Go after September and have most areas to yourself, even crowded Cadillac.

3. Traveler Loop 11+ miles of alpine scenery and awesome views to Katahdin. Best of all hardly anyone uses this lonely loop in the northern end of Baxter. If you never been, forget about 4000 footers for a day and visit this gem. You won’t be let down on a Prominence 50 Peak that seldom goes below treeline for the duration.

4. Bigelow Range Climb AT or Horn’s Pond Trail and hit four peaks including West and Avery’s Alpine summits. Descend Fire Warden’s Trail for a roughly 14 mile loop with several overnight options. Grey jays enjoy the peaks. In winter see snowy Mt Washington and Katahdin in opposite directions from the two higher peaks. Can get crowded but it is a beauty.

5. Grafton Loop Trail A nearly 40 mile backpacking loop with numerous gorgeous vistas. Puzzle Mtn, Lightning Ledge, and best of all Baldpate on the east. Old Speck’s tower takes in awesome views expecially a unique look into Mahoosic Notch and into the Presis. Sunday River White Cap is a quiet hidden alpine peak with great views. Numerous campsites make for many options overnighting. Best of all, there isn’t much traffic apart from the section coinciding with the AT.
Do you agree ?

I haven’t done #2 but sure want to give it a shot.

The reason the Knife Edge picture is the only one posted, is that I’ll be up on there this Thurs.

Stay Tuned!

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Maine hikes

  1. Billeg

    The Baldpates are so much fun….I am looking at the Acadia Traverse and thinking that will be on my list for this Fall, later September or October…..Knifes Edge, never a dull moment! enloy!


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