Middle-Age Fitness wards off impending feebleness?

 The Benefits of Middle-Age Fitness – NYTimes.com. <-click here for full NYT article.

My wife sometimes teases me about my walks, hikes, paleo wheelbarrow workouts, jumping sessions, visits to the gym, and even an occasional run ( OK, just once in the past 10 years).

I quip back with, ” You never know when you have to be ready!”

Ready for what?

How about next week’s planned  hike up to the summit of Katahdin, which will be #16 for me, if the weather is right, and if I make it.

Or the grueling ascent last night of some 800 vertical feet in a mile to get to the top of the mountain bike trails on Ragged Mountain?  The Bubbas are going to be there and I have a new strategy worked up- starting the climb 15 minutes early, so that I may make it up there around the same time as those young guys.

I got an email invite last night to head up to the top of Bald Mountain this afternoon.  I’m going.

So do read this article. It’s encouraging.

But,  am dismayed that when the article refers to middle-agers, they mention  folks in their 40’s and 50’s.

So what am I ?  Or you ?

3 thoughts on “Middle-Age Fitness wards off impending feebleness?

  1. Rockdawg69


    My philosophy is — I’m only halfway there.
    So there is no age specific category for me. Planning on dropping out with a bear chasing me!


  2. beechcreekproject

    I’m 48 and I tell my daughters that I stay active for when the zombie apocalypse arrives. 🙂 I’m going to make sure there are a lot of other slower targets to get their attention. Love the stories and all I can say is I’m going to keep riding and hiking as hard as I can for as long as I can.


  3. Kevin Weir

    My father is 89 active and mobile. Most of my relatives live into their 90s,
    so good question. Mobile, upright, pain free (or close to it), deep breathing, low stress, good food and hydration seem to matter. Latest category from the field of psychology based on brain development: child, adolescent, emerging adult (18-26), young adult, middle addult, older adult. I expect that I fit the last category in age but the emerging adult status in brain development. Kevin


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