Heading up to Mt. Abraham

Had planned to go up today, but rain, within thunderstorms are socking us hard here in Maine right now. It’s going to be clear and sunny tomorrow with early morning temps in the 40’s following the cold front, so that’s the new plan. Abraham is totally new ground for me- one of the few 4,000 footers in New England that I have not yet hiked.
Here’s 4 minutes of footage of the hike, with Alisin of One-Minute Hike fame! She completed her hike to the summit on Aug. 7.

3 thoughts on “Heading up to Mt. Abraham

  1. General Lee

    mt. abe was fantastic! you need to stay the night in the tiny stone refuge at the summit. you know, megatex fashion! headin out for my coast-to-coast hike of Costa Rica next Sunday. this is gonna be a wild experience…


    1. I have reviewed your pics of Abe, and would stay up there but can’t this week. Day trip it will be.
      Was wondering when your adventure. Would begin. Take short notes, if you are not in full blown altered traveling consciousness.
      Burglar is working up a Kickstarter proposal to fund MeGTex for the CDT.


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