Organizing Is Often Well-Planned Hoarding

From the Minimalists:

The Minimalists | Organizing Is Often Well-Planned Hoarding.

I have succeeded in unloading a trailer load of stuff that has no use for me, and for anyone else, really. That, and giving another load away at Goodwill, who take anything- I’m amazed those those patient, accepting workers

After cleaning out the garage, I still don’t have enough room in there to suit me. I’m also emptying the ” shed”, an outbuilding that has been nothing more than an embarrassment to me for the past two years. Handling ultra-slimy and grimy open containers of dead fly/used motor oil, and despicable loose batts of 35 year old fiberglass insulation suits my penance.

It’s so hard to move along stuff. But I’m doing it.

Mt. Carrigain, NH
The skies are finally clearing and I’m headed over to the Whites today to rendezvous with Tenzing, my hiking buddy, for a night of camping, and an ascent of Mt. Carrigan, one of the mountains in the New England 4,000 Footer Club that I can cross off. I only have less than a handful to do.

2 thoughts on “Organizing Is Often Well-Planned Hoarding

  1. Good for you about clenaing stuff up. If you happen to find a gem in there, say an original Wyeth, it will all be worthwhile!

    When I lived in Maine, I accumulated lots of stuff too. Partly I was young and frugal, there in the gravel road in Norridgewock. Just like you, I did a lot of work around the house. The extra parts got kept for the next project.

    Winter is also a cause of hoarding in my opinion. I used to think of my house as a sort of ship, in port all summer. When winter came,it was like putting out to sea – knowing that I would be on a long voyage til spring, and whatever had been loaded into the hold was what I would rely upon until arriving safely at the next summer. Between then, you needed to have everything nearby, even if it was only a psychological comfort.

    What ‘cured’ me? well – the divorce, for one. But also my travels in rural Asia, where I met many persons who had nothing. It was a paradox that such persons could still be happy.

    and you will be, as well…. keep it up!


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