Day 3 Kingdom Trails

We finished our camping weekend with a two and a half hour ride of 11.5 miles.
We had a great breakfast of perked coffee, eggs, sausage, English Muffins, and deer tenderloin provided by Rick.
At one point , we were close to possible disciplinary action due to a raging grease fire in Chris’s well-used gas grill.


We ended up riding three days in a row, covering about 45 miles of terrain. My three day pass cost me $45. A full season pass is only $75.

We were definitely humbled to meet up with Big Alan, from Team Bikeman, who did 52 miles on Saturday.

The route was Up Toll Road to Parr’s Yard, Pinkham Road, Magill Fields, Moose Alley, white School, Swan Dive , White School along corn field, up Darling Road to Sugarhouse Run , Beat Bog, Vast to Sugarhouse Run, Leatherwood, Vast, Riverwood back to Vast, the out lower Herb’s.
Coming out, I was moving too fast for a corner, and was thrown to the ground after my shoulder grazed a tree. when I got back on the bike, I realized that the front rim was bent, but the bike could still operate, although I had to slow down the action a bit. I didn’t want the wheel to completely taco on me. When I went down on the ground, I must have lost the clear glasses that I found yesterday. Here’s a shot of my bruised thigh and the glasses.

20120729-160108.jpggoing to be a technicolor tattoo forming in the area over the next couple of days.
I lost the glasses, gained a couple decent bruises, and took in the “can do” spirit of the Bubbas, who are experts at the “having’ fun while getting’ her done” approach to riding bikes in the woods. Coming back for sure.

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