Day 2 Kingdom Trails

The day started with the big Bubba breakfast sandwich, enabling us to crank out 20.8 miles that took 6 hours for us to complete.  The moving time was just over three hours, so we rest and snack— frequently— and often.
Again, the 60% chance of rain never materialized, but at the end of the day we cut trail time back by shooting up Darling Hill Road to stay ahead of the black storm clouds and thunder.

Today’s path covered  Jester, Burnham Down, Church Path to town, up Darling Hill to Loop, Bemis to Troll Stroll, up River Walk->;Loop to Bemis, back down Tap and Die, up River Walk etc. this time to Tody’s Tour, Eager Beaver , Dry Feet, West Branch, Hog Back, Old Web’s to stop at Chapel. Storm coming at us so Chapel down to Darling Hill Road to Wildflower Inn, to Bill Magill to Heaven’s Bench, ridge to Rim, East Branch to Vast, Leatherwood, Vast, Sugarhouse Run, Kitchell , and lastly lower Herb’s out to the truck.  The ride is tracked on Strava:
Here’s a shot of the Bubs on Heaven’s Bench:

Chris, Rigger, Rick, and Chickenhawk in fields of green

Banged myself up falling off a narrow elevated section of boardwalk on Burnham Down; bruised up my thigh and arm. Found a pair of riding glasses with clear lenses on the side of the road, wore them, liked them.
Downing a Five Hour Energy appeared to keep me from bonking and cramping up today.
Feasted on burgers, grilled sausage, and all the fixings. We thought we were responsible campers, but management had paid us a brief visit to remind us that quiet hours are in effect at 10:45 PM.  Employing the “time-out ” technique with one of our unmentioned members on Saturday night ( it wasn’t me!)  ensured our continual welcome at the Campground next time.

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