Epic Ride Montana Style!

L-Train Station: Mile to Sheep Creek: Epic Ride Montana Style! <<–

Reposting a truly incredible report of mountain biking achievement on world class terrain.  On the same day that I received this blog post, I also read a post from The Minimalists, shouting the praises of Western Montana, and these two guys have been everywhere:

“We have borne witness to what is perhaps the most visually astonishing place on earth: Western Montana [my emphasis], driving past its flannel plains and evergreen mountains and skylines of a cowboy cliché, and past its cobalt rivers overhung with century-old pines and flecklets of sunlight through them on the water bending downriver, to the place beyond its sprawling canyons, where fields divided by train cars simmer in the afternoon heat.”

I’ve been accumulating  maps and guidebooks of the Continental Divide Trail route and the ride that Lincoln posted can be found on Map 22 in the Montana Atlas and Gazatteer (Delorme). Upfront topographic closeups of the route around Targhee Peak where it goes up over 10,000′ in elevation are in the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail  Map Book: Montana.  Along Montana & Idaho’s Continental Divide Trail also has a narrative of this section of the CDT ( Targhee pass to Interstate 15), which is the highest section of the Montana Idaho CDT that hikers ( and bikers) can easily access and also overlook the Lee Metcalf Wilderness to the north.

I will post a pic of the books and maps that adorn the coffee table that I am studying in prep for my CDT thru hike attempt in 2013.

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