The Bubbas got history

Rode the usual loop ( Bog)  from the usual place (off Bog Road parking lot)  on the usual night (Tuesday) with the Bubbas yesterday.  There were 12 of us riding through mostly wooded sections, interspersed with skirting, and sometimes falling into (me) pools of muddy blackness, riding over ledges, and even a section over a logged out trail littered with decomposing wood debris.

Here’s a shot of Chickenhawk leading the pack sometime around 7:30 PM, heading back on a woods road to the cars. 

Ian prefers his Mukluk to his Santa Cruz Heckler these days.  He’s followed by a guest rider from Ashfield, MA.

For comparison, here’s a brief video of Rigger this winter on ice coming over this same section. The Bubbas here in Maine all year round.

We were rejoined by a rider who had last ridden with us 9 years ago. Since then, he moved away, got married, and had kids. He’s tried riding with other groups in the Augusta area, but really didn’t like their aggressive vibe. So he stopped down at the local bike shop and asked if The Bubbas were still riding. Not only did they tell him we were still active, they told him where and when to hook up with us.

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