GutHook has Hiked!

My hiking pal and fellow traveler on the PCT in 2010, Guthook,  is back in Belfast.  He’s returned from a month in the Wind River Range in Wyoming where he completed a National Outdoor Leadership School Course, spending the whole time off trail, roaming around above 9,000 feet, dealing with snow, insects, and polishing up navigational skills with a map and compass.

Check out this trip summary, posted on his excellent blog, Guthook Hikes!

Guthook shared dinner here a couple of nights ago, and gave Auntie Mame and I a mindblowing slide show of the time he spent in the Winds, where at one point, he was  just a couple of hundred yard off the Continental Divide Trail (CDT).

Guthook also saved me hundreds of dollars by working on my computer with the Internet here, where he migrating over to free programs that resulted in downloading maps into my newly purchased Garmin eTrex3o GPS receiver.  I now have all the New England area on maps, as well as the initial CDT track in New Mexico.

I had a poor experience in LLBean this week concerning this GPS, where the salesperson sold me the wrong bike mount for this model.  At the counter, I  requested that we try and actually mount the store’s display eTrex30 to the mount, because I didn’t think it was correct, but she assured me we didn’t have to do that , that she was 100% sure it was correct.  Later, over the phone, I was dismayed to hear that the best I could hope for was my money back , as LLBean was not going to be ordering any mounts from Garmin that would actually fit the updated eTrex line that they carry. This is not the LLBean I have dealt with over the years.

I was encouraged to send the misfit bike mount back to them, but was further disappointed after it was clear from the website that I’d be paying the postage for their salesperson’s mistake.




2 thoughts on “GutHook has Hiked!

  1. Karl Gottshalk

    I have an etrex 20, better than advertised battery life (25+ hours). I usually keep the backlight off as it isn’t needed during the day. Most of my maps are the free ones from, but I did spring for the paid maps of the four corners states from as they were just outstanding. I did do the one year subscription to garmin’s map download service, but I find I don’t really use those maps that often.


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