My $5 Plane ticket to Texas


I spent $5 yesterday at the website purchasing a ticket that will take me from Portland, Maine to El Paso, Texas on April 16, 2013.  Of course, I had previously spent thousands more over the 5 year period that my United Mileage Plus credit card accumulated 43,000 air mile credits, but what’s not to like in being able to actually use those credits?  I only had to use 12,500 of those points , so I have enough left over to buy my return trip ticket, which will be on or around October 1,  likely from Bozeman, Montana.

Here’s the deal:There’s this National Scenic Trail out there, The Continental Divide Trail,  that runs the length of the Rocky Mountains from Mexico to Canada, and I plan to walk the thing in 167 days , some 3,000 miles long.  That’s an average of 17.96 miles per day, if no days off, so I gotta keep moving on this one.

People who hear about the trip ask me about this trail- nobody knows about it. Few attempt it, fewer complete it.  As a comparison, approximately 3,000 people attempt to thru hike the Appalachian Trail , 300 the Pacific Crest Trail, and 30 the CDT  in any given year.

Now that I have set it up, I have to get ready.

One of the most complete and up to date sources I’ve found on the CDT is PMags’ A Quick and Dirty CDT Guide.  I highly recommend that the reader click on the link and give it a quick scan to get a sense of how different this experience may be for me.

For instance, the AT and PCT are actual trails.  The CDT is not yet complete and, from PMags’, “The concept of purity on the CDT is nearly non-existent.  A choice of routes can be made due to weather,  desire for resupply, fires, trail closures,  wanting to see certain highlights or “just because”.

I hope to make it.



6 thoughts on “My $5 Plane ticket to Texas

  1. stephen gleasner

    I like how those numbers drop off precipitously. Reminds me of the Monty Python Lumberjack song. Everyone sings the chorus back in the beginning. But when the going gets stranger, they drop off, like August garage window flies.
    I love it. You are the man for this one!


  2. Hugo Heriz-Smith

    Sounds like quite a hike. I found, and enjoyed, your pieces on wood burning stoves the other day, I’d like to make one once we move. And I like the Lumberjack song too.



  3. How exciting! You know if you just kept walking North, you’d end up 5 minutes from my house. 🙂 I think taking 2 months to ride the Divide is smart and enjoyable. Love the race format, but this is a route that’s meant to be toured slowly.


    1. Yes, I was just up at the brewry, talking to Andy. His shoulder is still bad, can’t sleep on it. He is now open to doing the route as month and a half to two month ride. I would do that with him.


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