Ragged Mountain excels in Mountain Biking options

Check the steep shoulders at the start and end of this elevation profile of yesterday’s bike ride and realize that it takes place up and down a mountain. 20120617-054840.jpgThe Camden (ME) Ragged Mountain/ Snow Bowl is busting out with new trails that my friend Craig pointed out to me yesterday. We rode for two hours on what could be the finest weather of the summer so far- low humidity, cool temps, and relatively dry conditions. I loved the new start out of the parking lot that went over to the far right ski run. It wove its way up to the first plateau in a twisting, but more switch-backed manner, taking better advantage of the terrain.
I have been discouraged recently about my lack of fitness on some of these intense rides, but that was all put to rest on this ride. Riding the Pugsley, I had my best day ever at the Bowl. I felt invincible!
Once up onto the big flat, we rode the new trail out past Massey Falls, over to Chris’ Trail, down the Abyss, up over and down Jason’s Trail, back over to the start of World Cup, then along a whole new section of downhill merging back onto lower World Cup and out.

Looking forward to pamphlets or maps of all the excellent trails that are gracing this gem of a biking park.

Shout outs to John Anders who is a key shaker and mover in expanding the recreational bicycling ( and hiking) opportunities in the Midcoast area and to Snow Bowl director Jeff Kueller for his management decisions. I also thank all the volunteers who are working hard to build and maintain these trails.
Next up: Ragged Mtn Fat Tire Festival , the weekend of July 14-15.

One thought on “Ragged Mountain excels in Mountain Biking options

  1. How are you liking the Pug in it’s “off-season”? I’ve been thinking of getting one as a year round ride. Whats your take on that? Has the Pug replaced your full suspension bike or complemented it?


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