Rewarding Mud Ride

Me and the Pugs hit pools of black water that came up to the hubs on this ride. The shot is crap, but I got something.  The deep pools that I had gone through took to much of my effort and escaping the horrendous cloud of mosquitoes made photography an afterthought.

In normal years, the mud on this ride is dried up by mid June. Not this year. It rained 3-4″ in one day here recently, and the mud on the North side of Moody Mountain is still as bad as it gets.  Even so, I really enjoyed my  solo ride today.  Here’s the extra twist- elevation-

There are three climbs on this loop:  the first shaded section is the steepest- leaves High Street and goes up Moody Mountain Road, then a short downhill onto the French Road South to dip under a gate and climb steadily and more gradually to the highest point on the ride.  A long downhill follows, with the low point the mud pools that normally are ridable when they dry up.  Then weaving along abandoned ancient roads to the Muzzy Ridge Road where I pick up the access  up over a huge blueberry field down a mucky abandoned road to High Street and home to complete the loop. Here is a photo taken from a helicopter ride some time ago of this field.  The vertical road to the right of the photo is where I rode up and over to get home. I was able to get the bike under the hose before the mud dried onto it, but washing myself off was a bit challenging, as our hot water heater died a couple of days ago and has not been replaced yet.  So cold shower, after a Maine ride, and I’m a better man for it all.

If anyone wants to go up with me sometime and get down and dirty, they are welcome.  I don’t expect any takers !

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