East Coast Hiking

The Need to Hike struck less that 24 hours after returning to Maine from Montana. Under threat of rain/ thunderstorms I joined my friend Frank in a 5 mile hike through Camden Hill State Park this afternoon. The peace, and deep connection to the land easily overcame the sodden, rain- soaked trail, as we both slipped and slid our way over the slippery rocks, roots, and mud pits. The freshness of the green was enchanting. Half way though the hike thunder began, leading to rain, accompanied by lightening. We pypassed the trip up to Maiden’s cliff, wisely as the flashes of power we’re noting to challenge on those exposed ledges. I’m thinking of my neighbor and friend Andy Hazen on his first day on the Tour Divide, after he raced 87 miles up and around the Canadian Rockies today. What a day he’s had after a lifetime of preparation!

5 thoughts on “East Coast Hiking

  1. What a small world. Hi Tjamrog! My name’s Leslie. I just found you when I was googling some stuff on the PCT. I’m off on that adventure on August 1st. I also live in Banff! And I certainly know all about the Tour Divide. I was at the startline on Friday morning. There was a lot of excitement in the air and it got me fired up for my own little solo hike. It was quite a coincidence that I just lucked upon your blog. Now, I’ve got to sit down and read some of it. 🙂


    1. Leslie,
      Thanks for the response. I am pretty worked up over following the Tour Divide right now. I think about my PCT thru hike every single day, even two years later. These folks are going to be transformed, if they can hang on long enough!


      1. I enjoyed the company of the lovely Eszter Horanyi in my spare room on Thursday Night. That girl is going to do some amazing things this year. Have you read Jill Homer’s Be Brave, Be Strong? It’s a good read if you’re into all things Tour Divide! Now, I’ve got somebody else to cheer on – your buddy sounds like one awesome man. And as far as the PCT…I can’t wait. Going SOBO from the Canadian border this year. Yoopee!


      2. Wow, it will have unique challenges to go N–>S. Totally different experience, different views. I thought of reading Jill’s book. I subscribe to her on Twitter.

        Tom Jamrog Sent from my iPhone


  2. Bluebearee

    One of these days I’m gonna run into you in the ‘Hills. I’ve started my trail work for the season today. AND just rode my new bike down High St, turned around just before your abode.


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