Road trip to Montana !

Road Trip for the Balrog and Beerdog. Today marks the start of our journey to Montana, where Andy will depart of what will turn into a very long, bike ride- a 2,750 mile ride from Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico at the Mexican Border. He’s competing in the Tour Divide, the longest single stage bike race in the world. Read all about it here: Article on Andy’s upcoming Tour Divide race
We left High St. In Lincolnville, ME at 8 this morning, with no real plan of where we may end up tonight. We could camp or motel it. We have a drive of some 2,500 miles to our initial destination of Livingston, MT, where my son Lincoln has a home.
Conditions are good- overcast, not hot, traffic reasonable.
It was an emotional departure this morning- this is a big deal. Andy doesn’t get out much. He just told me that the last time he was in Western Massachusetts was in 1971.
I’m assisting getting Andy up to Rooseville, MT where we will part and he’ll ride his bike 280 miles north to the race start on June 8. I have my own bike in the back of the truck and plan some rides on and around the Continental Divide Trail.

6 thoughts on “Road trip to Montana !

  1. Cal Latham

    Well I was at the house at 0700…not a mouse was found to be stirring and the dogs did not bark….sooo I wnet back home. Here’s to a safe trip..Andy and Tom…Cal


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