Coffee- 400,000 person long-term study mutes the critics!

Where’s that Dunkin’ app?  I carry real Rock City ground coffee, with a stove to prepare it in my backpack. My reasons are primarily for the performance enhancing effects. The study, reporting on a 13 year analysis, will be published Thursday (May 17) in the New England Journal of Medicine. Drinking coffee long-term may decrease the risk of death from heart and respiratory diseases, as well as stroke and diabetes.

via Coffee Drinkers May Live Longer : Discovery News.

2 thoughts on “Coffee- 400,000 person long-term study mutes the critics!

  1. Ben Hazen

    Hope all is well out there in Whitefish. I finally read the whole blog. Some really good and funny stuff here Tom. It’s the old man for sure!!! I keep laughing about the gas pump story. Anyway, I can’t believe you guys stayed in LaCrosse, WI. If I had just stayed out there 2 more days I would have seen you both. Fort McCoy was right up the street and I know exactly where you stayed. Funny. Take care of him and be safe!



    1. Good to hear from you, Ben. Small world. We are about 15 miles from Whitefish. Your pops is trying to negotiate the traffic here in Kalispell, he’s swearing a LOT !


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